The way we prove who we are is outdated. Too much paper. Too much data. Fraud. Fakes. Leaks. The list goes on and on.

Our reliance on paper IDs to complete simple tasks and enjoy ourselves in a world driven by digital connections #DoesntMakeSense.

It’s also #NotRight that the systems and tools we use to make life easier, are easily misused by people with the wrong intentions.

Yoti is a team of 150 people on a mission. We are built on principles of transparency and trust and want to help people use our technology to make it quicker, easier and safer to prove who they are and know who they’re dealing with.

We believe Yoti can be a force for good and the Identity Fightback is our chance for the team to say why we’re here and what we want Yoti to do to help, what we’re fighting for.  Some of us are parents that are worried about the content our children can access and the people they meet on the internet. Some are security experts that want to make it safer for us to share personal data. Others are just good at losing things and like the idea of being able to leave important docs like a passport or driving licence safely at home.

Join the fight, share your own #NotRight & #DoesntMakeSense and let’s take control.